Welcome to In Venatus Domus (IVD)
 (In The Gamer House) 

Here are our golden rules, please read carefully.
- 15 Days inactive is a kick (come back if your return to the game)
- No discord usage is a kick (voice comms, listening only counts as using voice comms)
- No division play is a kick 
- Toxic gameplay is a kick 
- Drama is a kick

A recruiter will be with you as soon as possible, this is depending on the time of the day. 
They will play a few rounds with you to see if you are a correct fit for us. If this is the chase, you will assigned a new role and we will accept you in to the clan!

If the golden rules are not followed, we will revoke your membership.

 Greetings from The Leadership of In Venatus Domus.